How to run online grocery business during pandemic?

June 15, 2021

How to run online grocery business during pandemic?

by Admin

Shopping for groceries has revolutionized. More as people shop online, grocery retailers must master the online experience in order not only to survive but succeed. 

Well...why the current lockdown has pushed us inside walls and opened gates for online shopping, and closed gates for traditional shoppers?

Simple to answer, COVID pandemic, restriction to safety and hygienic shopping. But it will definitely destroy many grocery retailers. But how to overcomes such calamities and stay alive until the world recognizes us? By moving ONLINE!

On one side, physical store owners refuse to change according to the country's rules and face hardships like shop closing, no customers, grocery wastage, business loss, etc.  

On the other side, Grocers have learned — and seek to improve — to be creative and innovative as a result of the pandemic. And we've already seen the finest supermarket companies do just that by bringing their stores online and offering quick home delivery. In this blog, we'll look at the ins and outs of the e-commerce grocery world with Go1 Grocery, as well as how to effectively scale your business. Well, what do you support here?

The word 'e-commerce grocery' denotes an online retail concept focused on the sale and delivery of groceries. E-commerce grocery now exists in a range of forms, from third-party smartphone apps with on-demand delivery to in-house curb-side pickup and delivery services. What's important and can't be digested is that what works in one supermarket might not work in another. It's really sad to say this...but that the fact. Only people with unique strategies can thrive in today's industry. 

Here are some of the Go1 Grocery Ecommerce features that your grocery delivery mobile app can be followed during this Lockdown age-

To increase retention, personalize the customer experience. On their special days, send them individualized greetings and notes. To entice them to shop, a discount or a voucher would be a terrific idea. Remind them when an out-of-stock item becomes available. Motivate them to buy their commonly purchased items. 

Make use of social media, form groups, and discuss things that are important to them. Express that you really care about your customers.


 Show them all of your grocery store locations on the application if you have several locations or collaborations with local businesses. It's more likely that someone will purchase anything from a nearby retailer, even if it's online. 

Allow customers to choose or request items from a nearby location. Customers will appreciate the option of picking up an order placed online and likewise.


Why else would a customer buy from you if the shipping fee is an extra cost? Maintain a free and quick delivery service. Of course, a limited order can be capped with a little shipping fee. Users that buy in bulk or have a large bill, on the other hand, would expect you to deliver them for free. 

Your customer will have more interest in you if you allow a no-questions-asked return of a partial or complete order. Appreciate that the app's refund and delivery conditions are perfectly straightforward. Customers who are well-informed are more likely to return.


You can give loyalty rewards for competitive products. Customers who have previously chosen your products would gladly use them again. 

Referral bonuses are usually a good approach to get fresh customers by enticing current ones. Friends and relatives are recognized by 84 percent of shoppers for suggestions. Make the most of every trust. When a current customer refers you to their friends, give them a gift or a discount on their next order.


One of the most successful revenue-gaining methods is offering a membership plan. Consumers can purchase a premium membership. People are willing to pay a premium for same-day delivery or additional perks. Those that purchase in large quantities or in short order would benefit from such plans.


Be using the one-of-a-kind possibility offered by the internet to enlighten your customers about your grocery item and convince them about the purchase they're about to make. It's also crucial to give your consumers options and alternatives at every chance to let them know that they're still in charge of their own decisions.

You must make the shift as seamless as possible if you want to expand your online grocery shopping. Grocers should be establishing ways to provide customers with as many components with the inexperience as possible while they seek methods to optimize their online workflows.


I love this part...The days of paying with cash have passed. Make your app accessible with a wide range of credit and debit cards, Razorpay, Stripe, as well as wallets, internet banking, and payment gateways. Cash on delivery

If your business is doing well, consider adding your own wallet system as an optional bonus.


To satisfy customer demands with an in-person shopping experience and five-star delivery experience in the midst of global pandemic and beyond, I advise, choose Go1 Grocery, your end-to-end grocery solution for profitable business everlasting in the market. 

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